Have you tried Amla Powder?


Amla, also known as the Indian gooseberry, is one of the best gift given to mankind by Nature. It has a special role to play in Ayurveda. As a matter of fact, it is a part of a number of herbal remedies to treat various kind of remedies. The Indian gooseberry belongs to the family of Euphorbiecae, while the scientific name of this berry is Emblica officinalis. One will come across amla in two forms, namely cultivated and wild. Differentiating between the two is not difficult, as they are way apart from each other in their looks. The wild variety of amla is small is size, but is hard and has a lot of fiber in it. On the other hand, the cultivated kind of amla is almost as big as a lemon in size and is juicy. Amla can be eaten raw, or juice can be extracted from the fruit or it is also found in powdered form. Amla eaten in any form has a number of medicinal properties. Amla powder for hair and skin is one of the ways, which are often used.

Amla Powder for Hair Growth

To make amla powder, the gooseberries are dried in shade. This ensures that maximum amount of Vitamin C is retained in it. The benefits of amla powder can be derived by consuming amla, as well as by applying it on the scalp. Amla is known to improve pigmentation and color of hair. In other words, regular use of amla ensures that hair become darker as well as thicker. Therefore, a number of hair care products include amla powder or oil in their list of ingredients. If you suffer from hair loss, then using amla will help in strengthening hair. It is well-known not only to treat hair loss, but it also helps in hair growth, as it stimulates hair follicles. The amla powder benefits can be used to clean hair as well. Regular use of amla powder to clean hair will add shine and luster to hair. Different scalp problems like itching, dandruff, boils, can be cured with regular use of amla powder. Premature graying of hair can be prevented with the use of amla powder. You can mix Amla with water, oil, and apply it as a paste to the hair. I use Amla Powder as a component in my Whipped Amla Butter you can find online in my product store http://www.alliesnaturalhaircommunity.com

Amla Powder for Skin Care

The vitamin C content and anti-bacterial properties of amla powder make it an excellent elixir for healthy, clear skin. Given below are some of the major benefits of amla powder for skin:-
Its antibacterial properties make amla powder an excellent treatment for acne and pimples. Used in conjunction with herbal face packs and sandalwood powder, amla powder effectively kills bacteria responsible for causing pimples, boils and acne on the skin and makes the skin environment unfit for the growth of such micro organisms. However, since concentrated amla powder is a very strong astringent, it is best to dilute it with clean water before use.
Its astringent properties tighten skin pores, giving a healthy, clear look to oily skin.
Using amla powder regularly also arrests dry and scaly skin problems as vitamin C and other anti oxidants accelerate the rate of damaged tissue repair giving your skin a tender, youthful look and feel.

You can use Whipped Amla Powder to seal moisture, as a styler for twist, braids and locs, I also use it as a body moisturizer now instead of lotion. My male clients even use it to shave!! With every 5 full size purchases of Whipped Amla Butter you will receive a travel size!!



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