Steaming the hair, a great way to add moisture to dry hair

Steaming the hair is a way of incorporating moisture into the hair using a hair steamer. It is a deep conditioning treatment that stops hair breakage.
You shampoo your hair as usual and then add your conditioner usually good for this, you can also use oil for an oil steam. Sit under the steamer for 15-30 minutes or more if your hair is very dry. It’s usually good to sit under it for about 1/2 an hour.
Steaming makes your hair soft and as it adds moisture into your hair strands and it stops breakage. If you are going to put some braids into your hair or have cornrows done for example, steaming the hair first will ensure that you have less breakage.
You can also do hot oil steams with olive oil or Jojoba oil – this makes the hair very shiny. The heat opens the cuticles so the oil gets into the hair shaft. If you go to the sauna, you can add your oils or conditioners to your hair when you are there as your hair will receive the same benefits as using a hair steamer.
Another alternative to a hair steamer is the Aphrodite conditioning cap or using hot towels.  Steaming is better than dry heat using a hooded dryer because it adds moisture to your hair……if you ever try the two you will see what I mean.
A hair steamer uses distilled water, which goes into the tank at the back and the water used is collected in a bottle at the front. Distilled water is used to protect the inside of the machine from furring up with calcium deposits which can ruin it, this helps to prolong the life of the steamer and keep it functioning effectively as distilled water does not contain any impurities or minerals such as calcium, chlorides, potassium or sulphates which are present in tap and mineral water.
What hair types can a hair steamer be used for?
A hair steamer can be used on any hair type that needs additional moisture, hair that is falling out due to dryness or hair that is dry or crunchy feeling. It is also great for hair that is falling or breaking due to chemical abuse. It may take a few treatments to see results, especially if the hair is excessively dry.

Alternatives to a hair steamer
If you do not have access to a sauna or a hair steamer, you can apply your hair conditioner as usual and wrap hot towels around your head which should first be covered with either cling film or a plastic cap.
You can also use an upright standing hair dryer and you must cover the hair with cling film or a plastic cap to stop the heat from burning your scalp and to keep the moisture in.


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