Kansas GOP Speakers ask the Unthinkable

The Kansas Speaker of the House, GOP has asked his fellow members to pray for the death of President Obama!!  Where do I start; to use your christian faith to pray for the death of someone is unthinkable.  I don’t know what God he prays too, but it surely isn’t my God. 


His request is going to give a nut case the fuel he needs to try to carry out such an attempt.  Where is the Secret Service on this?  He is openly advocating harm to POTUS, President of the United States.

My President has been disrespected since the day he took the oval office.  People tend to forget that he inherited the mess this country is in.  When President Clinton left office we were trillions of dollars in the black.  What did we get with Bush II? two wars, policies that favored the wealthy & big business, and housing crisis that started as a result of the previous administrations faulty policies. We were at the breaking point then, and it wasn’t going to change in 1yr  nor 3yrs; especially with a Congress fighting the President at every turn. Makes no sense to me how people forgot how this got started in the first place.

Enough of my political rant bank to our regularly scheduled program


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One Response to Kansas GOP Speakers ask the Unthinkable

  1. Kissa P says:

    I completely agree! People have been so disrespectful of this president and it is completely out of bounds when so called religious people are advocating death. I think you have an un-Christian person hiding behind the Christian label to further their own hate. Secret service needs to get on that cuz it sounds like a treasonous act to me.

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