Ayurveda Body Type

The 10 Best Foods to Eat for you, depend on your constitution. Knowing your Ayurveda Body Typewill help you figure out which are the healthy foods to eat. Not sure which Ayurveda Body Type you are?

Then, the Ten Best Foods to Eat Regardless of Which Body Type You Are at the bottom of this page is just for you.

10 Best Foods to Eat for Vata

Vata benefits from heavy, oily, and warmfood (these qualities are SUPER important, more than the individual food items).

1) Clarified butter or butter (you can add it to anything you eat)
2) Fresh ginger (best pungent spice; I know not exactly a ‘food’, but it’s really one of my tops for Vata; can be added to food or made into fresh ginger tea)
3) Warm milk (preferably with a pinch of powdered ginger and cardamom)
4) Cream of rice or wheat (with some ghee, ginger and cardamom; are you starting to see the point 😉
5) Warm soups and long-cooked stews (preferably with some root vegetables, such as beets and carrots)
6) Almonds (the best would be rinsed with boiling water to remove the skin & slightly roasted in ghee)
7) Sweet fruit, like dates, figs, and red grapes (try to eat any fruit room temperature; if the fruit is dried, soak it first)
8) Root vegetables, like carrots, red beets, and sweet potatoes (cooked and spiced)
9) Kichari (also with ghee, fresh ginger and root veggies)
10) Chicken broth

10 Best Foods to Eat for Pitta

Pitta benefits from heavy, cold, and dryfood.

1) Clarified butter (clarified butter has a special quality – even though it’s oily it decreases Pitta)
2) Milk (with a pinch of cardamom)
3) Sunflower seeds
4) Steamed broccoli
5) Lassi (½ cup plain good quality yogurt + ½ cup water with a pinch of cumin)
6) Cucumber
7) Salads and other leafy greens
8) Cold cereal, such as oats
9) Kichari (with cumin, coriander and fresh cilantro)
10) Lentils and other legumes

10 Best Foods to Eat for Kapha

Kapha benefits from dry, light, and hotfood.

1) Hot water with fresh ginger, honey, and lemon (I know it’s not food, but Kapha in general does better with less food and this drink can be used as food substitute)
2) Warm buckwheat, rye or millet
3) Kichari (make it quite spicy; with fresh ginger, pepper, and chili)
4) Astringent fruit, such as pomegranate, apricot or persimmon
5) Leafy greens, such as dandelion, kale and beet greens
6) Artichoke, cauliflower and green beans
7) Sprouts
8) Soy milk
9) Lentils and other legumes
10) Steamed brussel sprouts

Notice any repetition? Yes, Kichari! Kichari is a wonderful tridoshic healthy recipe that you can eat anytime regardless of which Body Type you are. Which brings me to the last list . . .

10 Best Foods to Eat Regardless of Which Body Type You Are

1) Kichari (no surprise here)
2) Basmati rice (one of the main ingredients in Kichadi)
3) Mung dal (the other main ingredient in Kichadi)
4) Apples, apricots, berries
5) Asparagus and green beans
6) Peas and cilantro
7) Clarified butter
8) Lassi (½ cup plain good quality yogurt + ½ cup water with a pinch of cumin, ginger, and coriander)
9) Sunflower seeds
10) Goat’s milk

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