Healthy Hair

I’ve always said there is no “instant hair growth” formula when you become natural.  The goal is to have a healthy scalp & hair.   My friend Texture Me Natural posted this helpful information on her Facebook page:


“I hear a lot of people say that their hair isn’t growing. Our hair does grow but there are a few things we must put into consideration: are we eating a well balanced diet; are we drinking enough water; are we using products that are working with our hair and not against it….another thing we need to consider is the fact that our hair goes through three phases: anagen (growing), catagen (resting), and telogen (shedding). If you’re not seeing growth, it is possible the hair is going thru the catagen phase – which can last for as short as four weeks or for as long as a year.”

Naturalista’s you must have patience!! Natural hair is a journey; once you do the Big Chop you will not have hair on your shoulders within a month.  I felt as if my hair wasn’t growing and then, one day I looked in the mirror and thought “wow, my hair is growing.”  I realized it was because I take very good care of my hair. 

Take pictures starting with the day you do your Big Chop and you will see growth, it may not be at the rate you want, hair grows about a ½” per month, drink plenty of water and keep your hair moisturized, seal your ends and pay close attention to your diet.  More importantly enjoy your Natural Hair journey, because that’s exactly what it is an journey.

About nawlins natural

Looking to share my natural hair journey. I have been natural for 2yrs and enjoy sharing my knowledge and enjoy learning different techniques of how to care for my natural hair. I believe in the most high power, Jesus Christ and maintain a positive outlook for my life. My motto is "Something wonderful is going to happen!" Please follow me on Twitter @allierucks my Facebook Page Natural Hair Community
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One Response to Healthy Hair

  1. Justice Jones says:

    I wish every natural woman and young girl could read this…the info mentioned gives great insight into areas that maybe ignored or neglected by some and need to be started all together by others! Natural Hair is more than just a choice or trend but a lifestyle in my opinion and its one of the best life decisions a black woman can make, cause it certainly is a journey and it can be a very rewarding one…we naturals of today are PIONEERS for future naturals…and I’m honored to be apart of something so beautiful and rewarding.

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