Benefits of Scalp Massages

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By Terez Howard

A scalp massage does more than relieve tension and stress. It benefits natural black hair by stimulating blood circulation and promoting hair growth. Massage oil is evenly distributed by means of a scalp massage, helping a dry, flaky scalp becoming moisturized and flake-free. A regular scalp massage helps you to have healthy hair by adding shine and luster to it.

To reap the most results, try doing a daily scalp massage for three to five minutes. If you don’t feel that you have the time to do that, then at least give yourself a scalp massage one time per week. You can do it in conjunction with a hot oil treatment or while you wash your hair in the shower. If you don’t use massage oil, don’t worry. Your scalp produces its own oil called sebum, and when you do a scalp massage, you are distributing that oil across your scalp.

You can administer a simple scalp massage on yourself by dipping your fingertips into massage oil and gently massaging your scalp with your fingertips in circular motions. Start at your hairline and slowly work your way back to your neck.

A scalp massage benefits a natural by:

1. Increasing blood circulation.

An increase in blood circulation eases stress and headaches. When you receive a boost in circulation, a hair follicle’s cells will receive more nutrients needed for natural hair growth. Stress, tension, sebum plugs and excessive dead skin can all be massaged away with a scalp massage.

2. Stimulating hair growth.

A regular scalp massage strengthens the roots of your hair, stimulating hair growth. It nourishes the hair shaft, encouraging new hair growth where hair might have been lost. A scalp massage has been known to slow hair loss. Because of the increase in blood circulation, the hair will be less likely to prematurely go into the resting phase of the hair cycle. After the resting phase, a hair will shed. So, the growing phase (the first phase of the hair cycle) can be lengthened with a scalp massage.

3. Moisturizing the scalp.

A massage oil can provide moisture to your scalp. You can heat the oils for a hot oil treatment, or use them at room temperature. Either way, your scalp will be moisturized. A well-moisturized scalp has little or no flakes and dandruff.

Just about any essential oil or carrier oil will benefit your scalp. Remember to dilute essential oils with carrier oils because a potent essential oil can cause burning and irritation. You should choose massage oil that treats a condition your scalp experiences. Try the following oils as part of a scalp massage:

  • Rosemary – This essential oil promotes hair growth and conditions the scalp.
  • Peppermint – This essential oil energizes you.
  • Coconut – This oil slows premature graying as well as thinning.
  • Olive – This carrier oil opens the pores on your head.
  • Jasmine – This essential oil can relieve stress.
  • Jojoba – This carrier oil repairs damaged hair and balances your own sebum.

4. Encouraging healthy hair.

A scalp massage helps you to have healthy hair. The massage oils not only benefit the scalp, but also work their way down your natural hair. This massage oil can add luster and shine. In addition, the oils condition, strengthen and soften natural hair, making it more manageable.

Massage oils also reduce brittleness, breakage and split ends in natural hair. These massage oils may actually penetrate the cuticle and renew your hair from the inside out.

5. Slowing the formation of gray and white hairs.

Several have reported less gray hair and attribute this to the scalp massage. From what I can gather, when you do a scalp massage with certain oils and herbs, you can darken your natural hair or help to slow the formation of gray hair. A scalp massage with sage, thyme and/or coconut oils all can help to pull in the reins on gray hair.

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