To Trim or not to Trim your hair

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Many people ask what the best way is to go about trimming their natural hair. In my opinion, there is no best way. Like many other choices you make; how you choose to trim your hair should be based on what’s convenient for you and how you tend to wear your hair.


If you regularly wear your hair in it’s natural curl pattern, twist-outs, or washNgos:

When you trim your hair, it should be styled in the fashion you usually wear it. That way when you (or a professional) are trimming your ends you can mind how the curls fall and ensure you are maintaining a the desired shape for your hair.


If you regularly wear your hair  picked out, in an afro, or in protective styles:

There is a lot more freedom in your choice of method! This is because, more than likely the fall of your loose curls, coils, or kinks is not major factor in your daily hair wear because your hair is usually stretched or combed out. There’s a good chance your interest lies in maintaining an even or layered look to your stretched hair. Here are some options for trimming your hair:

  • On Damp or Wet Hair

Pull loose sections and trim the ends to remove whatever damage, splits, or knots you observe.

Twist or braid small to medium size sections of hair (depending on it’s length) and trim rough/see-through ends to create an blunt end.


On hair stretched via a blow-out or heat tool such as a flat iron, you can trim in loose or twisted/braided sections as well.

You will see it done a number of different ways, especially if you frequent the youtube circuit. That’s because there is no one “right” or “best” way to do it! Just like the products and maintenance techniques you use on your hair, how you choose to trim you hair is individualized too.


Happy Hair Growing…and Trimming!


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