What’s in your Spritzer bottle?

This is taken from Living the Natty Lifestyle.com

Ok, beautiful O’Naturals…what’s a natural’s BFF??? Moisture..that’s right! If you’re newly natural, a spritz bottle is going to become one of your new best friends. As a matter of fact, I keep a spritz smaller bottle in my purse..I try to never leave home without it.


Why is a spritz bottle so important? Well, since our natural hair loves moisture, and we may not always have the convenience of a sink or direct access to water, a spritz bottle is perfect to keep those tresses moisturized. If you do protective styles like braid outs or twist outs and you need to rehydrate your hair before you style, using a spritz bottle is an excellent way to impart just the right amount of moisture.


Now, some naturals keep nothing but water in their spritz bottle. Some add oils and other goodies to theirs. Here’s what I add to mine in addition to H20:

  • Shea Moisture restorative conditioner. It has shea butter, argan oil, sea kelp and other goodies
  • Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil is actually an astringent which normalizes your scalp’s oil production. An oily scalp produces excess oil which is then distributed throughout the hair; that creates greasy, oiled hair. Can also be used to treat the opposite problem: dry scalp and dandruff. Peppermint oil is frequently used as a moisturizer for the hair shaft. It also stimulates your hair follicles and promotes hair growth.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil can eliminate dandruff since the oil kills the scalp fungus that causes it.

Helps those suffering from thinning hair or baldness: It cleans your hair follicles of residue, which can impede hair growth.

  • Jojoba Oil: Balances the sebum in the skin, which makes it an excellent moisturizer.
  • LemonGrass: Along with its amazing smell, lemongrass has antibacterial and anti fungal properties, which makes it excellent for maintaining a healthy scalp. It helps the blood to circulate, promoting healthy hair growth. And, if you have a headache and/or tense, lemongrass is a wonderful oil to have in you presence.

So, these are the goodies that I keep in my spritz bottle..what’s in yours?

where to buy: all of the oils can be bought at any health food store. Shea Moisture products are available at Target or Target.com

note: be sure to shake your spritz bottle before use because of the natural properties, elements tend to separate

Healthy Hair = Happy Hair

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Looking to share my natural hair journey. I have been natural for 2yrs and enjoy sharing my knowledge and enjoy learning different techniques of how to care for my natural hair. I believe in the most high power, Jesus Christ and maintain a positive outlook for my life. My motto is "Something wonderful is going to happen!" Please follow me on Twitter @allierucks my Facebook Page Natural Hair Community
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