Scalp Massages

Scalp Massages

  • Reduces Stress Levels: General tension and stress can inhibit blood flow to your head causing headaches, eye-strain, poor concentration, hair loss, depression and other symptoms. A soothing head and scalp massage provides instant relief.
  • Relieves headaches
  • Increases blood flow: This is especially helpful with scalp massage, because it doesn’t just benefit the skin and scalp itself, but also the hair follicles and hair. This increased blood flow can stimulate the follicles in such a way that hair will grow faster, which is a great benefit for those who wish to increase the length of their locks. Scalp massage can also strengthen hair follicles which, in turn, strengthen the entire hair shaft. Often this type of massage is accompanied by special oils that are applied to the scalp and hair to provide increased nourishment and work with the hair’s natural oils to repair dryness and breakage. This is great for massage or hair clients who suffer from chronic flaking and itching caused by a dry scalp. The special scalp oils may also be scented with either a relaxing mix of aromatic herbs or something more stimulating for those looking for an energy boost.
  • Relaxation: Do a scalp massage with hair oil before going off to sleep. This will help relax the mind and achieve sound sleep.


Great Carrier & Essential Oil Blends for Massages:


  • Dandruff and Dry Scalp: Jojoba, Tea Tree, Neem, Avocado and Vitamin E oils (per 4 oz bottle, add 2oz of Jojoba and 2 oz of Avocado Carrier Oils. Add 5 drops of Tee Tree, Neem and Vitamin E oils, warm or apply room temperature. Massage. Enjoy)
  • Peaceful Sleep: Grapeseed, Jojoba, Sandalwood, Lavender, Chamomile oils (per 4 oz. bottle, add 2 oz of Grapeseed Oil and 2 oz. Jojoba Oil. Add 5 drops of Lavender, Sandalwood and Chamomile Oils. Apply warm or at room temperature. Massage. Enjoy)
  • Stimulating Scalp Massage: Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Vitamin E oils. {per 4oz bottle, combine 2 oz. Jojoba and 2 oz Sweet Almond oils. Add 5 drops of Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Vitamin E oils. Apply warm or at room temperature. Massage. Enjoy)

Oils can be purchased at your local health food store, Whole Foods, or online I order many of my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I just received a new order on Wednesday.  I am trying out the Bergamot Mint & Caraway oils. I will report on my results in later blogs.

Always keep in mind something wonderful will happen today!!

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Looking to share my natural hair journey. I have been natural for 2yrs and enjoy sharing my knowledge and enjoy learning different techniques of how to care for my natural hair. I believe in the most high power, Jesus Christ and maintain a positive outlook for my life. My motto is "Something wonderful is going to happen!" Please follow me on Twitter @allierucks my Facebook Page Natural Hair Community
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